Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Challenged by God

Being confident in this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

I was in the middle of another argument with God. It was hard to accept that God’s choice to take Andrew home was the right one. I knew Andrew was now healed and with God, but I wanted my son with me. Andrew was three months shy of four when his battle began and two months over five when he passed away. How was that fair to him? I know God doesn’t make mistakes but it didn’t make sense to me. I continued to question and challenge God over the issue. Like any parent harried by the constant badgering of their child, I think God finally had enough. Because one day, He challenged me back.

So just what do you think did not get accomplished in Andrew? What was missing in his life? Tell Me what goals you’d had for your boys?

Early in my experience as a parent, I purposed to keep my perspective towards the boys’ lives open to whatever God would do with them. At their baby dedication, I’d committed to having only two goals for them. I wanted them each to develop their own personal, intimate relationship with God through Christ. Secondly, whatever paths their lives took, I wanted God to be glorified through them. I determined to keep my expectations limited to that and let God do what he would do.

As I reflected on those goals per his request, God continued to question me. So which of those goals did I fail to accomplish in Andrew’s life? You know he had a sincere personal relationship with Me. You led him through the prayer of salvation yourself. His last spoken words to you were assurances that he knew he was loved by you and by Me. You know that relationship was real. As for the second goal, have I not been glorified through his life? Have people not been encouraged to stand strong and keep believing when they face their own tough times? Do you not have an extensive network that prayed with you through it all and continues to marvel at My faithfulness and your growth? Am I not glorified by the truth of your faith that you now walk in because of the valley we traversed together? Am I not getting glory from his life? Am I not powerful enough to accomplish My desires for his life in five years instead of seventy?

Like Job, I bowed in repentance, confessing my ignorance and arrogance at assuming I knew better than God. Yes God had met the goals I held for Andrew. There were no more grounds for complaint. God wouldn’t be God if I was capable of complete understanding because then He’d be just like me. Yet the fact that He took the time to address my questions brought such comfort that I could let go of what I didn’t understand. I was comfortable in the reassurance of His care for me. I was now certain that for Andrew, his time with me had been complete.

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