Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Heron- Part 2

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

Fast forward five years from The Heron- Part 1. My oldest son had lost his battle with mitochondrial disease. My other son, though stable, had gradually developed symptoms. We realized our battle continued, creating destructive tailspin effects for my family. My husband sunk into a depression since both past and present seemed too difficult to bear. I turned to an emotional relationship for escape as I ran from God and the pain in my life. Yet God battled with me, drawing me back. He refused to let me go my own way. I knew I couldn’t make it without God. I hated who I had become. I wanted to come back. But the direction of his leading terrified me.

As I drove to work one morning, my mind raced with questions and fears. How can I survive what’s ahead? How do I know my husband will defeat this depression? What will Peter’s life be like? What if I lose him too? How do I survive this pain? God, I know you got me through losing Andrew, sometimes in miraculous ways. But I don’t want to go through it again!

I turned onto the street of my school and noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I strained to see and realized a heron flew right above me. As the road curved away, I leaned forward for a last look and caught sight of another heron in the distance, flying the opposite direction. God had used the heron too many times in my life for this to be a coincidence. I immediately turned to God for an explanation.

The heron is a symbol of your past, he explained, proof of my faithfulness through your toughest times. The heron flying overhead symbolizes my faithfulness now, in the present. The heron in the distance shows my faithfulness in your future. Juli, you can let go of your fears, your escapes, your idols, and trust me. I am faithful--past, present and future. I do not change. Just like I got you through what happened before, I will get you through what lies ahead. I love you and I am here. Trust me!

Like the heron flying the other way, I released my destructive choices and set a course the opposite way, with God. My son stayed ill. My husband continued battling depression. But I didn’t stay the same. My new course included God which made it the right course. It became one of healing and strength and triumph in spite of the painful trials.

No matter what circumstances you face today, no matter what circumstances mar your past, no matter what circumstances might lay ahead, God waits to rescue you for himself. He is faithful yesterday, today and tomorrow. He does not change, but thankfully he always gives us the chance to.

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