Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Life has been quite crazy at my house lately and I apologize for the break in posts. The past 2 months of struggle for my son came to a head last week. The good news is we found out the cause and it can be addressed. The bad news is it's pretty consuming. So I beg your forgiveness as I concentrate on my family needs for now.

I will share that as I've faced some new challenges with his care, I faced quite a battle with fear. Feeling ruled by fatigue, the giant of fear stood large before me; the lies louder than any other voice; the horizon dominated by unknowns. Yet in that still small voice God kept whispering "Remember." My devotions spoke to it. Scriptures spoke to it. Online blogs I follow spoke to it. Remember.

So that is what I did. I remembered God's faithfulness in the past. I remembered what he's done for others. I remembered what he's done for me. I remembered what he's done for my children. I remembered what he'd done for the Israelites. I remembered. With each memory the giant shrank, the voices diminished, and courage returned. For I remembered that it was not about me. This was about God proving faithful, being true to His character.

And that is what happened. His hand of provision covered every fear and every need. I can only rejoice and be thankful.

Remember my friend what God has done for you. God created us with the ability to remember and it's a wonderful weapon. I can't give you just one verse for this because "Remember" is all through the Bible, old testament and new. But do it my friend. Remember and find peace and strength and courage for the day ahead.

I hope to resume my regular post schedule next week. Thanks for the prayers!

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