Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Because I Said So!

Who can speak and have it happen unless the Lord decrees it? Lamentations 3:37

“No that is not possible. She has already been placed and this is a totally different position anyway. Let me work up this new scenario I’ve described and I’ll be back in touch with you in a week or so.”

I hung up the phone quite frustrated. My son moved to middle school at a different building in the fall. All spring we’d been told that his current one on one assistant who we loved and who knew him so well would transfer with him. It thrilled her, Peter, his new school and us. Suddenly the last day of school that somehow changed and I struggled to understand why. I’d just spoken with the middle school special education director and the finality of her word indicated that Peter would have someone new.

I turned to God in prayer and reminded him of Peter’s great need for understanding, flexibility, humor, patience and medical oversight… all things Peter’s current assistant successfully provided. I poured out my frustration at the changes and questioned the cause. Was this God providing a better plan in his sovereign understanding of Peter’s future? Or did I need to actively advocate for this? I felt confused about how to proceed. Peter’s assistant had become a good friend of our family. I wanted the best for both her and Peter. But I could not deny the ease this would bring to the transition if she moved with Peter.

The next morning I still struggled with the situation as I flipped through my bible. The word “hope” in a chapter heading for Lamentations 3 caught my eye and I paused to read. Peace took over when verse 37 jumped out at me. “Who can speak and have it happen unless the Lord decrees it?” God had the final say on this. Not someone in the special education department who did not know my son and his needs. Regardless of whatever the outcome came to be, I could rest confidently that the end result would be what God knew was best for Peter and for his assistant. Things would happen because HE said so and no one else.

We do serve a God who loves us and always has our best interests at heart. Even if we don’t understand or see the good in a situation, know you can trust in His care and His plan. Will you let God have the final say in your circumstances, in your life, today? Choose to trust him and follow his direction for your life. And if someone questions you, just explain that this is how it is… because HE said so!

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