Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Because they trust in you...

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Isaiah 26:3

I headed to Peter’s school thankful I could attend the meeting in person. Peter had been out of school most of the entire first quarter due to GI trauma. Now that recovery had begun, I anticipated his enrollment in the home hospital education program our county offered. A teacher would come to our home a few hours a week to get him restarted on some academics. The academic progress did not concern me as much as having some authentic activities to occupy his time, especially by someone besides me.

As I walked into the meeting I realized the home teacher hadn’t arrived. I soon learned she could not attend. A good personality match made such a difference for Peter. I also needed someone able to accommodate his schedule and understand our focus, quality interactions rather than academic progress. As the meeting transpired I realized details had not been finalized. Peter might not even get assigned to the teacher mentioned to me previously. I paused to pray even as the meeting continued around me.

God, you know who Peter needs to have for his teacher. I trust you to give us that exact person who will add richness to his life and be willing and able to accommodate his needs. Thank you for providing more than a teacher, but bringing him a friend.

I returned home confident that all would resolve in God’s perfect timing. Soon I received a call from the supervisor with a different name. She explained I’d soon hear directly from the teacher and could coordinate with her the details of schedule and hours of service. Shortly after that, I heard the machine pick up a call I couldn’t get to in time. I didn’t catch the name but picked up the words “home hospital program” and raced for the phone.

Goosebumps soon covered my arms as I recognized God’s divine providence. The teacher who called wasn’t the teacher mentioned by the supervisor. But I knew Susan! She attended our church and I served on the worship team with her husband who played drums. They knew our story and had attended our fundraisers. She would be so perfect for Peter. He called Mr. Rick “the drummer guy” and when Peter learned the connection to Ms. Susan, he got excited. Susan too recognized God’s involvement. She explained how she had just acted upon an inner nudging to branch out to the middle school level as she usually worked with elementary age students. When I shared with her my prayer from earlier that morning, we both just sat back and praised God for his timing and direction.

I recently heard a commentator on the radio state that “The greatest gift we can give God is our trust.” I rejoice in those moments I can accept an unexpected turn of events in faith and respond in trust. I wish I always responded that way. I don’t. All I can do is rejoice when I do and try again when I don’t. If you struggle to always respond in faith as well, feel free to comment below. We can encourage one another along the way to stand on the truth of God’s faithful provision and perfect timing.

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