Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What’s He Doing Now?

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

The Philadelphia Eagles played the night Peter passed. We couldn’t face watching the game alone, without him. Our entire Bible study group showed up with dinner and then stayed for the game. We watched the Eagles lose, reminisced, celebrated Peter’s peace and missed him together.

At one point, one of our friends commented, “I wonder what he’s doing right now?” People offered many possibilities: running, playing ball, hanging with his brother. The consensus suggested something he hadn’t been able to do in a long time. But then one friend made the comment, “I think he’s worshiping. None of those other things are going to even seem important when we get face to face with God.” And I had to agree.

That thought stayed with me over the coming days. Every once in a while I’d again hear the question in my mind, What do you think he’s doing now? And immediately the answer would follow, Worshiping.

Then one morning I awoke from a dream. I was overlooking a meadow from the edge of a wood. It reminded me of a place along a path in a park near our home. We used to walk there often before Peter moved into a wheelchair. In my dream, I suddenly saw this blond headed blur zoom past me, turn, and race up the meadow, his head and shoulders bobbing above the grasses as he ran. He never stopped or said a word, but I knew it was Peter. And then, in my dream, I heard a voice say, “Nope! He hasn’t stopped yet.”

It made me chuckle at the time but I pondered it later. I also thought about the question, “What’s he doing now?” with the consistent answer of worship. And then I felt this insight slip into my soul.

What’s he doing now? Running in worship. Playing in worship. Singing in worship. Working in worship. Whatever he does now, everything he does now is a form of worship.

Understanding rose within me as I received the words. Peter lived now whole in body, mind and spirit. On earth we try so hard to do everything “unto the Lord” and "for the glory of God." But we rarely get it truly pure and right because our natural self so often gets in the way. Peter no longer had that hindrance. Completely and perfectly united with God, now everything he did, whatever he did, would be in and through God as an act of worship.

The concept brought peace to my soul per his joy, but also an intense longing. I cannot wait for the day when all hindrances will be removed. I long for the moment I’m completely and purely united with God, when everything I do will be done as pure worship of the One who’s proven worthy.

Peter, I envy you…and I can’t wait to join you!

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