Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Lesser Things

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! 1 John 3:1

I sat across from my friend as she asked her question.

You are so faithful to God and trust him so much, why couldn’t he have healed Peter for you?

It’s a tough question. One I have honestly struggled with. How about you? I’m sure you have one like this for your life as well.

I’ve walked so diligently with God over the years, why won’t he just ___________?

If God is a good God, why didn’t he __________?

Can you admit that the question sits in your heart? I hope you realize it doesn’t bother God that it’s there. God loves to answer our questions. He wants to wrestle through things with us so we can find and walk in truth.

I wrestled with my friend’s question intensely when I lost Andrew. It took time. But I came out on the other side.

Now that Peter has gone home as well, the temptation exists to question again. But I haven’t. I’ve experienced too much of God. I know his character too well now. Yet, God in his mercy, made sure I wouldn’t forget. As he promises in 1 Cor. 10:13, he made a way to stand and resist the temptation.

God provided a song. The timing of Laura Story’s release for Blessings was a huge gift for me. Released during this year of missing Peter, the whole song is amazing. But my favorite line is at the end of the first verse.

God loves us way too much to give us lesser things.

As I explained to my friend, God certainly has the ability and could have healed Peter. But God loves me so intensely, he will only do what is truly best for me. Not healing Peter was not “being mean.”

I shared how it’s like how she parented her two now grown girls. She challenged her girls to a life of purity. She has a great marriage and wanted nothing less than that for her girls. She knew that as exciting as sex is, the short emotional highs of infatuation can’t even begin to compare to the solid lasting sustaining joys of a great life-long marriage. Yes there would be tough moments of standing up to the crowd, of being rejected by some boy because they wouldn’t put out, but all of that temporary discomfort would be worth it in the end when they had the best – a truly pure, solid marriage.

Similarly for me, healing Peter would have removed much physical and emotional pain. Yet I wonder if it would have allowed the intense spiritual growth we each experienced because of that pain? I know the struggle forced us to address the anger that’s ruled our families for generations. I know the struggle and losses forced me to wrestle and discover God was more than a ticket out of hell. I found an intimate personal relationship with the Creator of the universe! And through their struggles, my boys came to a reliance on Christ at very young ages. Would I rather have had the easy life here and missed the understanding needed for our eternal destiny?

As incredible as it is to be a mother, it is even MORE amazing to be a child of God. God in his omnipotence knows all of the reasons healing Peter was less than his best. Having experienced amazing grace and mercy and faithful love from His hand, I can trust he knows best.

What loss consumes your life that makes you question? What “if only” fills your thoughts and dreams? Can you understand that as awesome as that one aspect is, it pales in comparison to the awesomeness of pure intimacy with God? Can you understand that as much comfort and joy that one aspect could bring you right now, it could possibly interfere with the purpose God has for your life, with the masterpiece he is creating in you?

Nothing this world offers, as great as it is, compares to what God offers in himself.

The next time you feel that longing for what feels like the missing piece in your life, let it excite you. Because as great as that aspect is, you can be certain God has something even more incredible in store for you if you will allow him to fill that void!

In the words of Laura Story,
God loves you way too much to give you lesser things.

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