Tuesday, February 7, 2012

God is On Our Side

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

I looked into his eyes.

He stared into my own, silent, as tears streamed down his cheeks.

I cupped his face in both my hands and bared my heart before him.

“I care very much for you,” I told him. “You can trust me. But you have to talk to me. You can’t shut me out. I am on your side. But we can’t work through these problems together if you won’t talk to me.”

It had been quite an afternoon and I struggled to get my student to talk to me. How could I reach him? How could I get him to trust me? How could I help him overcome the struggles that overwhelmed him?

That scene and all of those questions flashed through my mind a few days later as I stood on stage leading worship. We sang God is Able by Hillsong United. In the second verse I sang “God is with us, God is on our side”…. and the scene from Friday afternoon flashed through my mind.

But suddenly, it was God’s hands cupping my face, voicing the same questions, pleading for trust.

It struck me how often God feels the exact same frustration I felt Friday. How often do we shut him out? Things happen we dislike or don’t understand. But rather than run to God, we shut him out. We doubt his love, question his plan and control, and prefer to embrace our angst instead of his waiting open arms.

Is that where you are today? In the midst of the chaos of life, have you shut God out, refusing to open up to him? Can you receive and believe that God is on your side?

As I continued to sing Sunday, more truth crossed my lips. “God is for us, He has open arms, He will never fail us…. “ God is for you! He wants to walk with you through your trials, offering all that he is- all his comfort, all his resources -to help you endure the storm.

Take God at his word. Hear his heart.

“You can trust me. You have to talk to me. You can’t shut me out. I am on your side. But we can’t work through these struggles if you won’t talk to me.”

Slip on your running shoes and race into God’s waiting, open arms.

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