Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Little Things

I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3

Have you seen the Pixar movie, Cars 2? It’s almost a year old. But, as my husband and I strive to move forward in healing and processing our grief, we reached the point we felt ready to watch some “Peter movies” without him…movies we would have watched with him together. He loved the first Cars movie and was excited about the prospect of a second. But he never got to see it.

So a few weeks ago, we finally had it delivered through Netflix. To be honest, although we appreciated the main point, the plot left us disappointed compared to the quality of all the other Pixar movies. But there was one scene that became a favorite through a sequence of events the other weekend.

In the movie Mater is so excited to have Lightning McQueen return, and they spend an entire day adventuring together. During their fun, Mater gets a new dent which he proudly savors as a keepsake of his friendship and time spent with McQueen. Later, when needing to don a disguise, he refuses to have his dents repaired. He exclaims, “No! Them dents is valuable. I got every one of them with my friend Lightning McQueen!”

Remember that line and then fast forward to a few weekends ago. My husband finished the long process of installing a new door on the hall bathroom, complete with painting all the connecting trim, etc. Peter had used that bathroom. The many ins and outs with his wheelchair had ruined the hinges and left many scrapes and dents along the doorframe and trim.

Once done, my husband came and wrapped his arms around me. He commented that he’d finally finished everything including the painting. Then he pointed out, “But I only painted over the trim. I left the dents. Them dents is valuable, you know.”

Ordinary dents made valuable because of the people involved with their creation.

So when you come visit our house, you’ll notice the bright white trim. But upon closer inspection you’ll see the lack of smoothness…the marks of wear and tear and life.

But don’t think lesser of us…

Know them dents is valuable… some little keepsakes of Peter.

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